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'True self-care' is a focus at Kinosis and we can 'tailor make' treatments to suit each individuals specific needs, by using either Kinesiology or massage therapy, or a combination of the two if needed.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is based on the concept that the body is able to heal itself. When there are ‘blockages’ or when we experience stress, (on a physical mental or emotional level) the body is not in equilibrium and therefore cannot heal itself and achieve good balanced health.


Kinesiology provides a holistic approach in helping achieve equilibrium in the body which ignites the body’s innate healing ability. By using muscle testing, kinesiology monitors the body’s responses to gain insight into the stressors related to the issue.

These stressors may be nutritional, emotional, mental or structural and are addressed using different modalities from a combination of Western and Eastern techniques, to help achieve and maintain good optimum health.


Kinesiology can help identify ‘old habitual subconscious patterns’ that prevent us from progressing and moving forward.

It assists in bringing awareness which facilitates and encourages one to take responsibility and make positive changes for a more fulfilled life.


More about muscle testing …Muscle testing is a method that allows the Kinesiologist to “communicate with your body” accessing the conscious and subconscious mind. This provides information of the possible ‘energy imbalances’ as well as the integration or lack of integration of the various systems in relation to each other.

When we are unable to respond to our stressful lifestyles in an appropriate way the signals between body and brain become unclear. This shows up as a change of muscle response that is abnormal via muscle testing. A Specialised Kinesiologist is able to detect this muscle response in a person and in so doing is able to find out where the person is not coping in their life, and use various methods to help correct it.

What to expect from a Kinesiology session


Kinesiology treats the whole person, holistically to find out what is behind the symptoms, however kinesiologists do not diagnose or treat illnesses or diseases.

During a session the client is actively involved in the process in order to notice possible old patterns that have kept them stuck and therefore gains awareness and willingness to create change for positive outcomes.


During a session there are energy shifts that occur as well as new insights and clearer understanding. Sometimes these changes are felt immediately – less pain, feeling relaxed, feeling happier – sometimes it may take a day or two for the changes to become noticeable.


Kinesiology is done fully clothed, and you may be asked to lie down. During a session usually both upper body as well as lower body muscle testing is used and acupressure points may be stimulated.

Muscle testing is done manually.


Please not Kinesiology does not;

- ‘Heal’ (only your own body has the ability to)

- Diagnose or treat any named illness, disorder or disease

- Work with ‘illness’ – we aim to improve the quality of your life

- Interfere with faith or religious beliefs – we work within your belief system to find what is appropriate for you

- Make predictions

Tailored for your needs for pain relief, injury prevention and maintenance we work with a combination of sports massage, therapeutic massage, trigger point therapy and fascia release, to assist in releasing tension and overall relaxation.

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